Commercial Cleaning

commercial-carpet_smBusiness owners and managers love the hassle-FREE responsibility we take in their building.

Clean carpet and floors make your clients want to spend more money. They want to do business in a clean establishment. You’ll show your clients you care about the cleanliness of your building.

You’ll also show your employees you care enough about them by giving them a clean working environment. All your employees love fresh clean floors.

Who do you want to do business with? The cleaning company with the lowest bid? Or Xtreme Clean, the professional cleaning company who cares enough about YOU to protect YOU.

You can trust us to show up on time and complete the agreed upon work. Never again worry about whether or not your cleaning crew is going to show up. You can always rely on us.
Call us now for a FREE inspection. We’ll evaluate your problem areas and give you a prescription to keep your building beautiful.