Pet Odor & Stain Removal

Pug laying near his toy looking slightly guiltyWe all love our pets, even when they have unlovable accidents. Here at Xtreme Clean we can help eliminate pet odor and stains whether it’s accident that you need cleaned up or you’re trying to remove that built-up odor from the four-legged members of your family, trust our excellent service to get the job done right.

Our pet odor and stain removal service cares for the health of your floors while understanding that your pets need to be safe too. Professional cleaning can remove not just the visible stains and lingering odors, but also irritants such as fur and dander that can sink into carpets and aggravate allergies.

Here at Xtreme Clean offer experience and a professional attitude towards all your pet odor and stain removal needs. As a family business, we understand that every member of the family is important, even when messes happen. We’ll be there with superior equipment that helps maintain a safe indoor environment so that you can keep your animal companions inside with less hassle.

So the next time Fido has an accident or Fluffy’s fur has worked into the carpet, give Xtreme Clean a call and let us show you what excellent customer service means to us. We’ll have your floor looking fresh and new for the next round of fetch or tug.